About Campbell Laird


Born and raised in Hobart, Tasmania, Laird played with a successful rock band and travelled extensively through Europe, US and Australia. Owing to extreme tiredness and a distaste for malodorous hotel rooms, Laird retired from the high life and settled in New York City where he lived for more than twenty years creating award winning imagery for gallery, editorial, corporate and advertising clients throughout the world. In 2005, he moved to Venice, CA for the air, the light, the sea and a beautiful new studio.

Since 1993 Tasmanian artist Campbell Laird has been experimenting with ink jet printers in ways not intended. Working with readily available simple vector software & large format digital printers, he pushes the machines to their limits in order to create intriguing new compositions alive with distinctive textures and colors. The resulting pieces are all ‘one of a kind’ artworks which cannot be repeated as there is never a completed file to print from, only fragments of disconnected lines & shapes remain.

Starting with simple improvised hand drawn vector lines & shapes, the artist works with the printer as his collaborator, yet is guided by his innate intuition to make deliberate decisions as each image develops and unfolds itself onto the canvas. Decisions are made by interacting with the printed piece not on the computer monitor. Using techniques such as interrupting, re-rolling, skewing paper feeds, reprinting & literally ‘pulling the plug’ on the printer as his artistic tools, Laird can take up to a month to develop & finish a printed piece. He learns from each new artwork and is constantly changing and morphing his interventions to meet the challenges set by the printer as it invents new demands for each piece.

From his Venice, California studio, Laird challenges the notion that the now ubiquitous digital printer is used only for creating perfect copy prints. Laird’s process purposely pushes the printer to its absolute limits, repeatedly forcing the print through to create startlingly beautiful, meditative pieces that are part accident, part intention. Acknowledging the gravitas of this process Wired Magazine writer Tim Maly said “this is inkjet printing as extreme sport,” allowing him to skillfully create “images of stunning complexity.” Experimental works here: www.campbelllaird.com

Award-winning Tasmanian artist Campbell Laird now offers his pigment ink limited editions to modern art lovers. His works appear in private collections across the Globe, from Trump Tower in NYC to modernist homes in the Hollywood Hills, London, Sydney, Madrid and Tokyo. For over 20 years, Laird has produced art for major US and foreign corporations, including Macys, American Express and 20th Century Fox, the New York Times, LA Times and many others. Campbell's artwork was featured in the Dwell Magazine Case Study home, as well in Modernism, Los Angeles Magazine, Hemispheres and Computer Arts magazine among many others. His originals are prints on resin coated film fused between hi gloss plexiglass and sintra. The limited editions are individually printed on 20ml artist's cotton canvas or 310gsm watercolor paper, using pigment based inks of the highest quality, the archival rating for these pigment ink prints exceeds 150 years. They are part of a limited edition of 125 and are proofed, printed, signed and numbered by Campbell. A certificate of authenticity is included identifying the piece with the name, the edition number and date of publication.

Partial Client List

Miami Basel, SFMOMA, LACDA, LAAA, LA Art Show, Pharmaka, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Beverly Hilton, United Airlines, Berklee School of Music, 20th Century Fox, Boom Design, Pomp, Twentieth, The Dwell Home, Adobe, IKEA, teNeues Publishing, The Art Group, Macy's, Cisco Systems, American Express, PeopleSoft, Room Service, Oracle, J Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Circuit City Stores, Continental Airlines, New York Times, Washington Post, Time Custom Publishing, Newsweek, Fortune, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly.


HOW International Design Annual
American Illustration
Society of Publication Designers
SPOTS Competition
UCDA Design Award
Computer Arts Magazine Profile

Artist Statement

My work explores the structural relationships between line, shape, texture and color. A blank sheet of paper is always the genesis, with each new element suggesting the next; in this way, an image is slowly developed over time into something complete and unique. I am inspired by organic elements and shapes, such as the Tasmanian bush, a tree branch, waves trailing from a boat or a mass of rocks but I am not interested in the literal rendering of objects or scenes. I observe then dismantle and finally rebuild. My medium of choice is water based archival pigment ink prints, in a similar way that Andy Warhol's medium was silk screened prints. I have moved to this medium because the oil based paint and solvents I used in the past were environmentally unfriendly and i became very allergic to their toxic nature. It's important for me as an Artist not to pollute the world that inspires my art. To this end, every element of my work - from the inks to the paper to the final varnish - is chosen with this thought in mind, without sacrificing the highest archival standards. I hand draw all my lines, shapes, scratches, distortions and textures into my printer's software, then proof and print all pieces myself. My work occupies the space between hand made and digital. Software is used only as the means to realize the art as a printed work. My ultimate aim is to create deceptively simple, meditative works that hold and reward the viewer even after many viewings.

Selected Shows:


POP UBER ALLES, Gallery 852 juried by Timothy Potts, Director of the J. Paul Getty Museum
ARTWORKS FOR THE CURE show, T.J. Martell Foundation, Barker Hangar. LA, CA
'Out There' Show, LAAA. Curated by Francisco George & William Escalera
LAAA's 2013 Benefit juried Auction, CA, LA
Los Angeles Art Association, LA, CA "Radical Stimulus" curated by Timothy Yarger.
LACDA Solo Show, December, LA, CA


LACDA Solo Show, December, LA, CA
Art Takes Times Square, NYC
LACDA Eighth Anniversary Retrospective, LA, CA
2Modern, CA
'Quiescent No. 5' on Showtime Series DEXTER.
Pomp, Culver City, CA
Boom, Downtown, LA, CA


'Moneyball' Movie, USA
Fab.com, NYC
Chain Letter Show, Shoshana Wayne Gallery @ Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
Juried Book 'International Survey 2011' Front Cover
Quiescent no.1, Propel Water Ad, USA
Walton Issaccson, NYC, USA
PS 1 School, Santa Monica, CA
'Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal' Queensland, Australia
2Modern, CA
Pomp, Culver City, CA
Boom, Downtown, LA, CA


Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) Santa Ana, California "Santa Monica - The Art of Summer"
"Santa Monica" Art Book of SoCal Artists, Crussell Fine Arts.
'L. A. N D S C A P E S' LACDA, Downtown LA, CA
SHFT Gallery, 'Recyled' Downtown LA, CA
'MOST WANTED' Blue Core Gallery, Pomona Arts Colony, Pomona, CA
Little Red Art Show Benefit, NYC
Love Crush Art Show/AIGA, St Louis, MO
Pomp, Culver City, CA
Boom, Downtown LA, CA


'New and Improved II' LACDA
'Digital Art Expo Los Angeles 2009' Juried Show curated by Rita Gonzalez of LACMA
Dwell on Design, Los Angeles, CA
Boys and Girls Club of Venice Gala Benefit, CA
HighPoint Show, North Carolina
Pomp, Culver City, CA
Boom, Downtown LA, CA
Chemers Gallery, CA
LAMDC, Boom, Downtown LA, CA


Pomp, Culver City, CA
Boom, Downtown LA, CA
Culver City Artwalk, CA
The Art of Photography, CA, Juried Show curated by Neil Benezra of SFMOMA
New Media Expo, LACDA, CA, Juried Show curated by LACMA


Loja Designs, CA
Venice Art Walk, CA
Boom, Culver City, CA
Pharmaka, CA
Sands Convention Center Las Vegas, NV
Cairns International Hotel, Australia
Acme Foundation, CA
The Art of Digital, San Diego, CA
Surtex, NYC


Art + Industry, Palm Springs CA, solo
Boom, Culver City, CA
Recent Past Preservation Network, Arlington VA
Caravan, NYC
Beverly Hilton Hotel, permanent collection, CA
Small Wonders, Pharmaka Gallery, LA CA
Lord & Taylor Installation, PA, solo


Twentieth, Hollywood CA, solo
Mixture, Kettner Nights, San Diego, CA
Small Wonders, Pharmaka Gallery, LA CA
Room Service, Hollywood, CA
LACDA, Downtown


Dwell Home I, NC
I-20 Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
MOCA, Museum of Cartoon Art, Tribeca, NYC
Sublime American Design, Tribeca, NYC


Michael Perez Gallery, Tribeca, NYC
Kristen Frederickson Gallery, NYC


SPOTS Show, Society of Illustrators NYC


Forbes Gallery, NYC
The Workbook Show, NYC
Society of Illustrators NYC

Selected Press/Publications:

Hemispheres Magazine, 2004
Dwell Magazine, 2004
Modernism Magazine, 2005
Los Angeles Magazine, 2005
Mid West Home, 2005
Computer Arts Magazine Profile
Green Magazine, 2007
"Santa Monica" Art Book of SoCal Artists, Crussell Fine Arts, 2010
Juried Book 'International Survey 2011' Front Cover, 2011
WIRED Magazine Profile, 2012
Many on line Blogs to numerous to mention.


Dexter, Showtime
How the Devil Wears Prada FOX
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: ABC
How I Met Your Mother, CBS
Las Vegas, NBC
Lakeview Terrace, Sub-Urban Productions
Cindy Crawford, Propel Water Ad, USA
Moneyball movie, USA