How do I find out the prices?

Please contact me directly for pricing. I will respond very quickly with a detailed price list and other relevant details. Just email me at info@campbelllairdstudio.com or call me at 310 915 5319.

How long will my order take?

Each artwork is a hand printed pigmented ink print and made to order. I begin proofing & printing once I receive payment; the total time for production is no more than 3 weeks. I always send out an email with the tracking number and expected arrival date so you can monitor the delivery (4 to 7 days). Rush orders are possible, so please contact me directly if timing is of the essence.

How do I place an order?

Please send me an email at info@campbelllairdstudio.com or call me directly at 310 915 5319. I live in Venice CA, that's Pacific time, so keep that in mind when you call, but I'm usually in my studio till late at night, and if I'm there and able to, I'll take your phone call. If I'm not, just leave a message and I'll return it in the morning. Of course, you're free to come by and view the artworks in my studio, but please make an appointment first. I'll have a cup of tea waiting for you.

What are my payment options?

As you have noticed, this is not an ecommerce site, I'm an artist, not a corporation; so you will have to contact me once you've made your selection I take checks, money orders and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa) via Paypal. If I'm in the mood, I also accept rupees and shekels but sorry no wooden nickels.

Will I be taxed?

Only if you live in the state of California. If you do, I am required by law to add 8.75%.


How will my artwork be packed?

I take great care in preparing each artwork for shipping. Each piece is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, and then rolled into an extra heavy duty art tube with Stretching/Framing instructions along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Believe me, packing is the least enjoyable part of my work, but it's just as important as creating it so it will arrive safely via UPS Ground.

What do I need to do once I receive it?

Once you receive the package, please open it carefully. I have included instructions on how to treat the artwork once the package has been opened, as well as detailed instructions for your framer. If these are followed, you should have no problems. If your framer has questions, I'd be happy to speak with him/her directly.

Where do you ship?

I ship everywhere. The world is getting smaller every day, and I have shipped artworks from my studio in Venice to as far away as Japan and Australia. I will need to calculate shipping costs depending on weight and destination.

How much will it cost?

Shipping rates are determined by UPS, and depend on exact weight and final destination. Please contact me for detailed shipping costs. Believe me, if I could, I would offer free shipping, but UPS rates are going up all the time - just look at what's happened to the 25 cent postage stamp. So in order to keep my prices down, I have to pass on the shipping costs. Within the US usually $25 - $35.

Will I receive an email confirmation when the artwork ships?

Yep, I send one out as soon as the package has entered the UPS system. It provides your tracking number and estimated time of delivery. I have to say, UPS has a pretty good record with me and that's why I continue to use them. I really haven't had any complaints in the last 10 years, but if your experience is not excellent, please let me know so I can make sure it doesn't happen again.


Do your artworks have a warranty?

My artworks are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. I will replace the artwork if there is any defect in the materials or workmanship, but please note, I create, print, coat and ship each piece, and nothing leaves my studio without my approval. For that reason, no one has ever had to use this warranty.
Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty, nor is damage due to accident or negligence. Please unwrap the package with care. If any defect occurs during the shipping, please notify me immediately. However, as I have said, as each piece is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside an extremely durable heavyweight cardboard tube, and I have not had any artworks returned due to damage in shipping with these Art tubes.

What is your return policy?

Each work is custom made upon receipt of your order and payment. I assign a limited edition number to your artwork. Therefore it is unique and each piece will have its own characteristic markings and texture. That's because it's art! However, if damage occurs during shipping, please notify the studio within 24 hours of receipt. If you return the piece to me within 1 week, I will gladly reprint your artwork.


How are your artworks made?

As with all great art, I begin with an image in my mind. I'm usually inspired by the natural world around me... who isn't? But especially in Venice, with its salt sea breezes and sharp clear sunlight. Then I start sketching, coloring and developing the image. This is the fun part. Once the work moves into the computer for printing, I refine it. Some works resolve themselves quickly, but others require many many versions before I'm satisfied. I normally print it many times to make sure I know the final work, but once it is, I print my three artist prints. These are the first of every series and stand as the gold standard for all other prints.

Are the colors I see on the screen accurate?

Yes, all colors are within 5% of what you see on screen. Everyone's monitors have different color gamuts and different browsers so this can be challenging. But I want my collectors to understand what the piece will look like once they receive it, so I spend quite a bit of time comparing and correcting the images on the site to match my artist proofs with differing computer setups. Again, no one has ever returned an image because they felt the colors were a surprise. It's all about being a perfectionist. Plus I have been printing in this fashion for over 10 Years and know my materials inside and out.

Do the artworks come framed?

No, I don't frame or stretch the archival paper or canvas artworks. Why don't I stretch or frame my canvas/paper Artworks? Quality Artwork should never be shipped stretched or framed. Wood stretcher bars and frames always warp during shipping this makes them very hard to hang flat on the wall also the artwork itself is open to damage because it can't be well protected. Why risk it! In addition to the above, the shipping and handling are so expensive, I wanted the collectors to save their money for the final display. Therefore, all artwork is shipped rolled in a tube. I include complete detailed stretching instructions to give to your framer of choice. My personal mantra is make great art affordable and this is one way I am able to do that.


These artworks are for personal use only. Upon purchase, no reproduction rights are being granted and buyers may not reproduce these images in any way without prior written consent from Campbell Laird.
All images/Art on this site are Copyright Campbell Laird 2003 - 2013.


Most of my Artworks are available for licensing. As you can see from my Licensed Product area on this site, my work translates very well to different kinds of objects. I created a unique design for a limited edition 'Happy' perfume bottle for Estee Lauder's brand Clinique. Please contact me directly for further info.


Discounts are available but only on a case by case basis. Interior designers and large orders can be accommodated, but please contact me directly. Thanks!