Green Policy

Since the early 1990's I have been creating artworks using earth friendly materials. My medium of choice is water based archival pigment ink prints, similar to the way that Andy Warhol's medium was silk screened prints. I have moved to this medium because the oil based paint and solvents I used in the past were unfriendly--both to me and the environment.

It's important for me as an artist not to pollute the world that inspires my art. To this end, every element of my work - from the inks to the paper to the final varnish - is chosen with this thought in mind, ensuring there is no sacrifice to the highest archival standards. And because all of my work is created and produced here in the US, you are buying "local". These pieces are not being shipped from China like so many other factory made images. In effect, you'll be earning virtual carbon credits.

There is one area where I may not be the most environmentally friendly and that is occasionally I will "waste" canvas or fine art paper, when I'm not satisfied with the print. Then, I'm sorry, I have to redo it, and redo it, until it's correct. That's what art is, and sometimes I just have to answer to a higher moral authority.